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Seats & Cushions Outdoor Cushion Foam
Yellow, Green, others
L / C,D / P,T / T.
Wicker / Ratten furniture, Patio furniture, Aluminum furnture and many others.

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Product Details

Material: Polyurethane foam/ Net PUDensity:16kg/m³ 18kg/m³ / 26kg/m³ / 29kg/m³ / 30kg/m&sup3
Pore size: 25ppi/30ppi/35ppi...Size:50cmx50cmx14cm
Best seller:NF263030(Soft) / NF263050(Medium) / NF26370(Hard)
NF292530(Soft) / NF292550(Medium) / NF292570(Hard)
NF163010(Super soft) NF183020(Soft) NF223050(Soft)

Difference between Fast dry foam and Dracon

Dracon ( 2cm--- layer, white color), which collapses, deforms eaily and strong smelly, Fast dry foam (2cm--- layer, yellow color) is permeable, easy to clear, and retains it form.


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