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1. Cost Advantages:
Corporate procurement as a whole can effectively reduce the cost of raw materials

2. R&D Advantages:
While we are committed to R&D and specialty chemical technology, we also have the ability to formulate, test and manufacturecustomized mattress foam to meet customers' needs - convert and cut mattress foam into specified shape quickly through its patented cutting technology and machinery.

3. Management Advantages:
ERP management system and just-in-time manufacturing/logistics resource planning and processes is the core of its business operations.
4. Equipment Advantages:
We design and make our own foam-making machinery, making it possible to closely control costs and carefully plan filter foam production schedule as well as to customize/continuously improve the manufacturing processes.

5. Detection advantages:
We are accredited by SATRA (www.satra.co.uk), a leading British testing/accreditation body and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Our mattress foam products are in compliance with the stringent British Fire Safety Standard BS5852 (UK) , California Fire safety standards CA117 (US) and have also achieved the IMO certification.
Laboratory Equipment
High Precision Electronic Weighing (Test Method: ASTM-D3574-05 TEST A)
ASKER-F Durometer (Test Method: ASTM-D2240-05)
Compression and Deformation Tester (Test Method:ASTM-D3574-05 (TEST D)
Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester (Test Method: ASTM-D3574-05 Test H)
Reciprocating Tester (Test Method: JIS-K6382:1995)
PU Foam Hardness Tester (ILD) (Test Method: ISO2439: 1997(E) Method-A)
Micro-computer Tensile Tester (Test Method: ASTM-D3574-05 Test E)
Sunlight Discoloration Meter (Test Method: ASTM-D1148-95:2001)
PU Foam Hardness Tester (IFD) (Test Method: ISO2439:1997(E) Method-B)
PU Foam Hardness Tester (ILD) (Test Method: ISO-2439: 1997(E) (Method-A)
IMO, TB117, BS5852 Flame-Retardant Tester - See more at: http://www.fastdryfoam.net/mattress-foam-advantages.htm#sthash.yrJYpf7E.dpuf

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