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Fire Retardant Reticulated Foam Flame Resistant Foam

Fire Retardant Reticulated Foam Flame Resistant Foam
L / C,T / T.
Delivery Time
FOB / CIF US $ 200 - 250 / cubic meter
Outdoor funiture, Cushions, Boat, Super Yachts, Marine boats...
Open structure

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We are pleased to introduce

Fire Retardant Reticulated Foam and BS5852 Fire Retardant Reticulated Foam and IMO Fire Retardant Reticulate foam to you in Dongguan, China. Those foams are FULLY comply with the regulations.

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Foam typesDensity(kg/m³)Firmness
CA11726kg/m³(1.63lbs) & 29kg/m³(1.82lbs)Soft/Medium/Hard
The Current TB117 Standa

The existing TB117 rule requires the filling materials of household furnishings ( polyurethane foam in most cases) to pass an open-flame test. This is where the foam is exposed to a flame and the foam is required to meet specific flammability criteria. Becuase polyurethane foam is has "open cell" structure, there is a tremenous amount of air available between the thin cell walls, which make the foam extreamely flammable.

In order to comply with the extisting law, foam manufacturers have to add flame-retardant chemicals into the foam.

BS5852: Furniture test

BS5852 is a British furniture fire safety standards, content requirements of its standard degree than the U.S. standard should be strict and more specifically with velvet and wooden as a testing tool, a total of four part test, usually only test the first two parts, the main test cigarette and use of acetylene flame simulation test matches, there to see damage length, basically using the vertical burning lighters in the textile surface 20 seconds after leaving the flame the flame goes off on a few seconds can basically up to standard.

FoamTech is the ONLY ONE who can produce BS5852 Fast dry foam supplier in China.


IMO Res.A.652

Recommendation on fire test procedures for upholstered furniture.

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