Open Cell Foam

RetiMaster ® fast dry foam

Open Cell Foam has extra open cells which permit maximum water drainage and air circulation. Open cell foam also has the added benefit of an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent the buildup of bacteria which can cause nasty odours.
High density open cell foam is ideal for use in outdoor furniture and marine environments where moisture can be a problem with conventional foam...more>>

How to order RetiMaster® fast dry foam?

1. Choose standard or FR
RetiMaster® open cell polyurethane foam can be divided to Non-fire retardant and Fire retardant (BS5852, TB117, IMO)

2. Choose Hardness
RetiMaster® reticulated filter foam can cater to you level of comfort. We have a choice of soft, medium & firm to satisfy your standard...more>>

Advantage of RetiMaster® fast dry foam

  • Unlike normal foam, RetiMaster® Open cell foam is reticulated foam produced by "Hydro-Blast Reticulation" and has large, open pores which permit maximum water drainage and air circulation. It uses UreGard, a special built-in formula for anti-microbial protection, prohibiting growth of mould and fungi, which makes it the ideal foam for ...more

Reticulated Foam

High Resilience Reticulated Foam



RetiMaster® open cell filter foam has excellent porosity properties results and good tear resistance. What's more,  open cell foam does not changes in shape even after continuous pounding. RetiMaster® open cell reticulated foam is easier to maintain as compared to the ordinary foam...


  •   OUTDOOR FURNITURE Fast dry foam inserted cushions offer the best long lasting wear and comfort combined with extremely quickly...
  •  HOTELS & RESORT No more hassle of removing cushions from rain! Now everyone can enjoy hygienic and dry comfort at all times without high maintenance...

Our Advantages

  • 1. Cost Advantages:

    Corporate procurement as a whole can effectively reduce the cost of open cell urethane foam raw materials
  • 2. R&D Advantages:

    While we are committed to R&D and specialty chemical technology, we also have the ability to formulate, test and manufacture customized open cell foam to meet customers' needs - converted and cut into...

>Laboratory Equipment for Polyurethane Open Cell Foam

High Precision Electronic Weighing (Test Method:ASTM-D3574-05 TEST A)
ASKER-F Durometer (Test Method: ASTM-D2240-05)
Compression and Deformation Tester (Test Method:ASTM-D3574-05 (TEST D))
Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester (Test Method:ASTM-D3574-05 Test H)
Reciprocating Tester...



  • What about using "waterproof" fabric?

    Eveing using the "waterproof" fabric cannot prevent mositure and humidity penetraing the sewing lines and zip. Most of people may not think of this is as so serious. However, it is worse if the mositure can't dry out once inside the cushion.
  • What kind of cushion suit for your chair?

    There are basically three type of cushions i.e. soft, medium and hard. As for rattan chair, if the thickness of cushion you require is over 8cm, soft cushion is the most suitable one otherwise you should choose medium or hard.

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